Kamlesh Shroff

Director of PRISIM

Gaining Higher Studies for Diploma in Yoga, Vipashana, Art of Living, Reiki, Osho, Vedanta, Participation in Landmark Forum, Shivkhera, Seminars on Deepak Chopra.

Kamlesh Shroff is a stockbroker – member of BSE / NSE / CDSL / Commodities Exchange / ncdex.com / mcxindia.com

Priti Kamlesh Shroff

Managing Director of PRISIM

Priti Shroff completed her major in Counseling and then went on to do her diploma in Vocational Guidance & Counseling. She started her own unique counseling center and provided a battery of DAT (Differential Aptitude Tests) for children, and provided vocational guidance and counseling for them.

After her marriage, she became a nursery teacher with Maureen Sequire.Together with being a teacher, she completed various courses in Yoga, Landmark Forum, Reiki, Art of Living, and attended various lectures and workshops of Swami Sukhbodananda, Swami Parthasarthy of Vedanta Institute, Tao Philosophy, Osho Meditations, and Vipashana Readings.

She later joined the Directorship of ‘The Omniscient Securities Pvt. Ltd’ Stock Broking outfit with membership of BSE, NSE & LDSL. She participated on various committees of ‘The Bombay Stock Exchange’, judged the competitions of Bal Maha Utsav at Prempuri Inter School Competition, and many such events.

Her spirits could not rest in peace till she finally paved her way to complete the certified courses in Atlanta, U.S.A. of Raw & Living Foods Lifestyle by Brenda Cobb, Reflexology, Feng Shui, Crystal Therapy and Massage Therapy.

This experience of various fields of Alternative Sciences is what she brings at PRISIM.

History Of Prisim

People turn to alternative medicine as a last resort in coping with life threatening or chronic diseases. A holistic approach is the key feature of ongoing optimum health. Allopathic medications can have lingering side effects, whereas natural remedies can treat the cause rather than temporarily treat symptoms.

Priti Shroff, a professional counselor, stockbroker and nursery teacher, founded The Healing Institute in Mumbai, India in 2003. The practice of reiki, Art of Living workshops, participation in Landmark Forum, involvement with the philosophies of Vedanta and Tao, regular practice of yoga and surya namaskar deepened her inner journey, and she began her search for the union of the Trinity – mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, Priti became interested in naturopathy and wheat grass therapy when her sister was diagnosed with cancer. She met Brenda Cobb in Atlanta and began to learn about naturopathy and the lifestyle suggested by Dr.Ann Wigmore. She also learnt several complementary therapies which enhanced her knowledge.

The Healing Institute thus became the seed of germination for the birth of a new concept never heard before in India – PRISIM, The Healing Institute. This esteemed Institute was launched on 26th February, 2006.

Awards & Accomplishments


Priti Shroff, MD of Prisim the healing institute wins the women fempowerment award

Priti Shroff wins the fempowerment award for her outstanding contribution in the field of health and healing.
She has been serving in the field since 2006 and has made some great and valuable and life changing contributions to many lives.



Prisim Healing Institute is an organization whose purpose is to provide an individual with holistic health education. This organization includes various holistic disciplies usch as massage techniques, spirituality, energy healing, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, etc. The philosophy is a multi-dimensional approach to health, in which each individual must accept responsibility for his or her own well-being, with the understanding that the decision to learn and/or practice holistic disciplines may involve intensive cleansing, deeper understandings and realizations.

  1. PRISIM Healing Institute is an educational center representing different Alternative Sciences.
  2. PRISIM Healing Institute has no medical personnel on staff; makes no claims direct or implied, to diagnose, counsel or treat any specific medical condition that you as an individual, may currently have or may have experienced in the past.
  3. You should consult your physician about continuance of existing medications and/or medical treatment. We do not recommend either taking or not taking medications or seeking or not seeking any particular medical treatment. That can only be your personal decision.
  4. PRISIM Healing Institute is not responsible or liable for any acidents, illnesses, or injuries that may occur to an indiviudal within its premises.
  5. You have personally sought out this information concerning the Alternative Sciences, and you accept full responsibility for any and all results/changes that affect you as a result of your adopting any therapy as part of your personal health program.
  6. Kindly note that all payments are to be made in advance.
  7. All goods and products once sold from PRISIM are non-returnable and non-refundable.
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